Wednesday, October 31, 2012

.Bridal Guide Mag, EveryDay w/ Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart Living, TV Weekly, O.B Plastic-less Tampons, Tampax Radiant, Harley Sticker.

"Hello my fellow readers. Hope you guys are beating the heat wave wherever it is that you are, and if you have an A/C, lucky you! Remember to drink lots of water because you don't wanna wind up like a mummy."

Apparently that is what I was going to write for this post before I left it as a Draft and was forgetful enough to write it. I am so sorry followers. It's been ages since I wrote this, I know. But I've had things going on in my life that sometimes I just don't hunt for so many freebies anymore. I was actually writing a post about what happened these couple of months, so, just stay tuned for that if you will.

I think I should just keep this post short. I will post the pictures of what I got, which are mentioned in the title above.

.This is Bridal Guide Magazine. 

 I was waiting for this magazine for a while, but when it arrived, I was a bit disappointed. The cover was bent and it's colors were being scraped off. It had really nice dresses to look at, but I think it could have done a little better.

.EveryDay Magazine w/ Rachel Ray.

This magazine is PHENOMENAL! Great tasting recipes! Great tips for cooking. A great way to start off and try your hand at cooking if you don't know how to. This magazine was for the summer, obvious in the cover, and came with great grilling recipes. You should try it sometime. I got this magazine through Honestly, sometimes I don't know how it works, but it does. I say that because I don't keep up much with it. I still get magazines though. :D

.Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Another great magazine for cooking. Also got this through Rewards Gold, I believe. Great desserts and recipes. Everything in here looks so tasty and really is. I have all those that have come in the mail because, you can't just through recipe magazines away! They're just too good, filled with tips, products, ideas... You should give this a try as well.

tvWeekly Magazine.

This magazine, I thought was going to be about celebrities and all, but it was actually about times shows and movies were going to air. Much like and just like TVGuide... Oh well. It was worth a shot. At least it was only ONE magazine trial.

These are tampons, actually. When I got them, I was surprised because usually, tampons come encased in a shell for easy insertion, but these are for manual insertion. I haven't opened one or dared to try one. Maybe in a major emergency, but until then, I will keep these around.

Tampax Radiant samples. These were actually pretty good. The little bag with the samples came in handy in emergencies. The bag is a bit small, but my  mom and I liked that we could place our make up here for going out quickly. It was really cute. The sample came with 2 tampons, 3 panty liners, 1 over night pad, and 1 regular pad.

This sticker, which is the bottom one, "No Doubts, No Cages," I got from a Harley Davison give-away. It's a round sticker, that now sits on top of my laptop, decorating it. This offer is no longer around, but there are plenty of other opportunities to get other stickers from other companies.

So, this is my short post. I hope I get the chance to come back and write more, maybe post about other sample giveaways, etc. Remember to visit me here, or these other links:

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

.New Samples! Seattle's Best Coffee, Gevalia, International Delight, Metamucil, Lactaid Fast Act, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Crystal Light Appletini.

It's been such a long time. I don't know why I stopped writing. I love writing. I think one of the reasons was because I didn't know much to say about a sample. When I get my samples, I save them. I don't like to use them right away unless I know I have to. I mean, that's why I keep them safe just in case. I currently ran out of space to keep my samples in my little box that looks like this:
On the left is the box with all the sample and to the right is where I keep my magazines. Unfortunately, I have run out of room, so I had to separate the contents of the box, separating them from beauty/ detergents on one box, and food stuff to another. I don't currently have a picture of how the other box looks, but now I'm running out of places to place everything and not have it cram up the living room because my mom hates having random things in the living room. But it's not my fault; the living room is practically my living room because my brother sleeps in what is decorated and is said to be "my" room.
.International Delight Iced Coffee coupons.

     So, what samples do I have for you guys? These!
.Seattle's Best Coffee for coffeemaker. 

.Gevalia coffee for coffeemaker. Make 4 servings.

.Metamucil. A new pack.

.Lactaid Fast Act tablets.
.Crystal Light Appletini flavor mix. Pretty big. 

.Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Delish!!!. 
     All the coffee shown on this post I still have. I still even have the Nescafe Taster's Choice coffee that I received way back when. Unfortunately I haven't been able to try any of the coffee's, except Taster's Choice, yet. 
     The second Metamucil pack that I got I honestly do not remember how I got. All I know is that I was super surprised when I got it in the mail because I thought I could only get one. I didn't mind it at all though. Extra is better, specially when given for free.
     The Lactaid Fast Act tablets I received in the mail. They are supposed to be taken before ingesting any dairy products or during their intake if you are lactose intolerant. Think of it as a take with you pill in case you can't get specialized milk like Lactaid. I am not lactose intolerant, so I would not know if they really work. A friend told me they didn't work for her, but get the free sample and see for yourselves.
     Oh gosh, the Quaker Oatmeal Squares were so DELICIOUS! They are not fiber-y like other cereals like  Mini Wheats, you know, that are stringy and hard. These were sweet, but had the PERFECT amount. Easy bites. They were superb. My mom could not wait to try them because when they arrived, we were craving something sweet. Talk about perfect timing. 
     The Crystal light Appletini I have not tried either, but the size seems to be for about a quart of water. I'll probably give it a try soon with some ice because it's already getting hot again. (Boooo! Bring back the cold weather!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

.My Apologies to All.

I don't know what is going on with me. Lately I have not written anything on this blog. I don't know how long it's been anymore, but it feels like forever. It's not because I don't have any samples to write about, I have a lot. I just having been in the mood I guess. I have not really been able to sit down and be like, "Well, let's get to this," like I used to. I blame Tumblr. That's really the only website I have been on lately. And not that it bothers me or that I really do blame  her, but also my mom. She learned how to use the computer not so long ago and she's always on it going from website to website. I don't know how she goes from Facebook to other beauty websites, and when asked, neither does she. hehehe I still love her though. It's a good thing when she's on the computer because that way, I'm not on it the whole day like I usually am, but it is not fair for you guys either; that is true. I will try my hardest to post a new post as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize, even though I'm sure you guys are tired of me doing so because that is all I have done lately. Any who, I've already told you guys that you can share your pictures of samples you have on my pages:

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Thank you guys so much for the support and I also apologize for lack of updating.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

.Free Samples: Mega Red, Obestrim, Flanax, Bio- 35, Ultimate Omega Sport, Flexitol..

Here are some samples that I got a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I like to keep everything organized, but because I haven't organized the pictures well, I had to organize them all today and mixed up the order of what I had received in the same day or week, and yeah; I made a whole file dedicated just to pills I got.
     Now that I think about it, that makes me sound like a druggie and I am not! Nor do I drink! And I am sorry if I get some of the readers around my age mad, but I don't like watching people younger or of my age drinking and acting like total dumb-butts and making a fool out of themselves. Like about 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend, his family and I went to a party and there was a girl and her friends trying to sneak drinks to their tables and were mad that they got caught because they thought we had said something about them to the elder people, but we didn't and this one girl was trying to justify her drinking by saying, "I'm 19!" My boyfriend and I were looking at each other and just thinking, "What are you trying to prove? You need to be 21 and you're not going to ruin this girl's party just for your stupidity, seriously!" Why are there kids that need to be so lame and hard headed?! Any who, I'm sorry about my rant. It's just, remembering that day, it was such an awesome and one of the best days I've ever had, but the beginning was kind of ruined by those kids, trying to be cool.
     As for my blogging and this post, here are the samples I received these:
.MegaRed Krill Oil gels. 
.Bio-35 stress & fatigue pills.

.Obestrim dietary supplement.

.Ultimate Omega Sport Fish oil pills. 

.Flanex, a great pain reliever. 

.Flexitol; not a pill/ capsule, but a cream that really did work!
 Okay. So the first sample that I got was: MegaRed's Krill Oil soft gels. Their offer of free samples was being given away through Facebook, but the offer no longer exists. I haven't opened these yet. I ordered them and was going to give them to my brother because I know he drinks Fish Oil pills, but I thought they were going to give me a bottle, like Bio-35 did. Instead I got a packet with 3 pills, which is good for 3 days.
  • Some benefits of the product are:
    • Powerful antioxidants
    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    • No Fishy Odors or Aftertaste
    • Offers superior Cardiovascular support
    • and also supports joint health with the help of phospholipids
The sample that is right next to it, and I swear, it IS a sample, is Bio-35. I know, it's a bottle, but it's a two week sample of it. The instructions are to take a capsules 3 times a day for 2 to 3 months and then 2 to 3 capsules daily for maintenance after those 2 or 3 months. But, what does it do? It is supposed to "Increase energy to overcome stress & fatigue."

To quote: "Bio-35 helps support the body's stress response & repair 'energy leaks' by providing a Balance of:

    • Omega Fatty Acids (3,6, &9)
    • Amino Acids
    • Vitamins & B-Complexes
    • Minerals & Trace Minerals (Great Salt Lake)
They do say to give your body time to be able to get its energy back. They say, "Depending on age, your current wellbeing, mental attitude and how often you exercise, the length of time for Bio-35 to reach maximum effectiveness make take from a few weeks to several months."
The makers of Bio-35 have other supplements including different varieties of Bio-35 which include a Gluten Free formula. If you would like to receive a free sample, it seems they are still being given out. So give it a try? Click here to get yours!

I don't remember how I got this Obestrim sample, but it's suppose to be a "weight loss aid for appetite control and metabolic stimulation." While I am not all so sure about this product, it seems it has helped a number of people. I will probably write in a separate post about the ingredients and FAQ included in the tablet. As for what it does:
  • Taking Obestrim 30-60 minutes before eating releases the "Arexis Garcina RX"  (formulation of 100% natural ingredients which will be included in a separate post) formula into the stomach. It coats the stomach lining, mimicking fullness while accelerating satiety signals sent to your brain.
  • As you eat, the brain interprets that the stomach is full even though it is digesting less of your gavorite food. The resulting satisfaction allows for reduced caloric intake while reducing hunger cravings.
  • As you take Obestrim, your stomach trains itself to expect less food yet still trigger "full signals" sent to your brain. Over time the stomach shrinks, naturally decreasing food intake for sustained weight loss.
That is what Obestrim offers, if you would like to give it a try. I haven't tried the samples actually, but when I do, I will write a review, that is if I feel an effect.

The Ultimate Omega Sport sample I believe I got through a Facebook offer. If you would like to receive a free sample, click here, scroll down, and there should be a button to the right before the "Get eNewsletter" button that reads, "Free Sample." Click there and just answer the questions and you could choose the "Sport Essential Pack" which they say will come with assorted single packs as well as the Ultimate Omega Sport.
This product is basically Fish Oil that "provides all the benefits of highly concentrated omega-3s without the fishy repeat.
  • Supports the body's natural anti-inflammatory response
  • Promotes cardiovascular and respitory function
  • Supports joint flexibility and mobility
  • May enhance endurance
  • and supports optimal fat metabolism and body composition
The intake of these are 3 softgels daily, which is, I believe, what the sample contains.

Flanax seemed to work great for my dad, who, because of his job, is sometimes in constant muscular pain. He doesn't like to take pills constantly, but there was a day in particular where he was aching really bad and could not sleep. I had just gotten the Flanax sample not about 2 days before this, so I told him to take it. He slept like a baby and woke up with no pain. 

Flexitol is not a pill, but a heel balm that is suppose to repair cracked, hard, and "ugly" heels on the feet. Let me tell you, this did work. My mom, and she let me write about this, sometimes can't walk without hurting, because of the dryness on her heel, and because depending on her shoes, it hurts. But one day we were about to go to sleep and she was doing her nightly ritual of removing make up and getting ready for bed when I was like, "Hey, I have something that might help you and that you might like." I came to get the sample and handed her the Flexitol pack. She applied it that night and upcoming nights and her heels looked better than ever when we had to go to a party. She uses pantihose and even then, sometimes you can see the dryness, but not that day. She looked impeccable! 
If you go to their website (click here) you could get a free sample as well! 

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